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APRIL 1999

1. Deep Sensation "Somehow, Somewhere" GUIDANCE 40
2. Donna Montgomery "Go Head Go On" SOW 427
3. Romanthony "Hold On" ROULÉ 307
4. Robbie Riviera feat. Maryel Epps "It's Midnight" FILTERED 104
5. Larry Heard "And So I dance" DISTANCE 1356 (Dance 2000 the Chicago Connection the RMXes EP)
6. Studio 45 "Freak It" RMX AZULI 90
7. Stonebridge & Robbie Riviera "Enough Is Enough" WAAKO 1276 (Robbies Boogie Down Mix)
extra credit for logo, slightly commercial but will rock any floor Riviera style
8. Matt Wood "No Time" SOLE 008
9. 95 North "the Request" SFP 9629
10. Shazz "Carry On" Matthias Heilbronn RMX COL 666 861-6

MAY 1999

1. Nu Spirit Helsinki - Take It Back GUIDANCE 056
- go Finland!!

2. Mutiny UK - Bodybreaker EP SUNFLOWER 015 EP
Oriental moods

3. Kenny Lattimore - If I Lose My Woman (MAW) COLUMBIA 4479120
Finally got my copy, understand what the hype was all about

4. Soul Solution - Let It Rain JELLYBEAN 2550

5. Norma Jean Bell - Gotta Get My Groove On/Friday Night PANDAMONIUM
nothing like I'm the badest... but makes people go disco

6. Kathy Brown - Joy AZNY 94

7. Ruffneck - New Life REALTIME 214
double pack, but I'd go for the original backroom mix

8. Avalanche - Keep On Dancin' WHITE

9. Deep Sensation - Somehow, Somewhere GUIDANCE 040
buy this goodie if you don't have it yet

10. Donna Montgomery - Go Head Go On SOW427

JUNE 1999

1. DJ Spen - Disco Dreams vol 1 BVR12011
-Nothing with this fellow can be ignored..

2. Underground Network - Love Is The Answer(Live Band Mix) PRELUDE0002

3. Disco Elements - Volume 6 Freakin' Upside Down/Living In...AZNY96

4. Soul Dhamma - Flower VR61028

5. Basement Jaxx - Remedy (ALBUM) XLLP029
"Longtime fav. finally getting well-earned attention above-ground"

6. Pete Heller - Big Love ESX4/SUB18
-Biggest hype this summer?

7. Underground Ministries feat.K Bobien - I Shall Not... FLA011
-Re-entry due to great liveperformance by Kenny in Sthlm

9. Nu Spirit Helsinki - Take It Back EP GDR056

8. Soul Solution AKA Reel Soul - Let It Rain JEL2550/DIFF011

10. Ruffneck - New Life (original mix) RT214


1. Freaks pres. Turning Orange FRK12001LTD

2. Stephanie Mills - Latin Lover MAW043

3. Soulforce-Custard/Blackstone-the Flute Song IDR017
Deep house at it's best..

4. Juliet - I Need A Man LAY013
Get this goodie!

5. Ce Ce Peniston - He Loves Me 2 SILK

6. Richard Rogers - On The Dancefloor VS103
Vinyl Soul does it again..

7. Frankie Knuckles pres. Satoshi Tomiie - Tears (RMX) ESXDJ7
Full Intention giving this excellent track a makeover, keeping the same feeling as the original.
yoroshiku onegaishimasu!

8. Crystal World - You Got Me Running SOW430
George Benson fan?

9. Eclipse - Makes me Love You AZULI100

10. ? - Music Is My Life WHITE
Built on K-JEE and C&C samples..


1. Blaze - Wishing You Were Here (Joey Negro mix) SLIP100

2. Eddie Amador - Rise(N.Y Preacher Mix) YR043

3. Ministers De La Funk - Believe SUB21
that subliminal feeling with Jocelyn on vocals..

4. Bernard Badie feat. Donna Blasingame - In Love DI1516

5. Freaks pres. Turning Orange FREAK1200LTD

6. Full Intention pres. Hustle Espanol - (Do the)Spanish Hustle Dtension

7. Basement Jaxx - I Beg U (Jump'n'Shout12") XLT116

8. Danny Rampling - Community Of the Spirit (KoT RMX) DI1327

9. Juliet - I Need A Man LAY013

10. the Brand New Heavies - Saturday Nite (Jaydee mix) BNHX12


1. VJS inc feat. Roberta Gillian - Take Me WSR008

2.Fire island - There But For The Grace.. (Joey N.RMX) JuniorBRG08

3.The View feat Tamika - You Left Me Standing GO-399

4. Malawi Rocks feat. Dihanne More - Something To Smile About KSS1101
Japanese house, Emma and Taro's at it again..

5.Nu Spirit Helsinki - Colors Of My Mind GDR061

6. Basement Jaxx - Betta Daze EP ATLANTIC JAXX 013

7. Yasushi Ide pres. L.E.S. - Plein Solei YP062

8. Heller & Farley - The Rising Sun JUNIORBRG004

9. Naked Soul - So Happy NLC014

10. Sunkids feat Chance - Rescue Me (Bini&Martini999funkRMX) AM:PM126